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World of Warcraft US news

  • Latest News: EU has many incidents of hacking incident!
    Entered the public room exists to account black risk? Famous players on the official website of the U.S. service forum revealed that Diablo 3 A vulnerability exists when you enter the public room is likely to result in the account was hac [ more... ]

    Initial post : 11-29-2012

  • Before you buy anything from the trader in auction house for playing World of Warcraft, the comparisons always need to be made. This is one important matter you should be aware all the time. Traders know that players have a huge demand so that they can set some high price. It is a bad news for bu [ more... ]

    Initial post : 11-29-2012

  • Hello, our faithful Guild Wars 2 players, today we will published a change build ninja flow discussion.

    This is a very inconvenient Build, but stressed that the average development, in order to combat various situations
    Build Features:

    1) Build core stream ninja stealt [ more... ]

    Initial post : 11-29-2012

  • The alleged flaw Blizzard Diablo 3 online game mode called the players to consider
    "Diablo 3" finally on sale, however, has ignited because of a variety of server andnetwork problems, although the game itself is really the quality of unfamiliar, so that a stable internet connection, i [ more... ]

    Initial post : 11-29-2012

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